Mobile App Design for Everlane

Personal Design Exercise


UX Design 

Visual Design


Everlane is an online fashion retailer who founded in 2010. Under the influence of the Normcore style, it became popular rapidly who has a neutral and straightforward manner. It costumes focus on the young professional group, who pursue a high-quality life and preference a classic wearing style. It is worth mentioning that it just own 200+ items and high quality but also it could keep a reasonable price. These are the most significant advantages for Everlane to attract young people to consume it frequently.


Through the analysis of Everlane, I found that because the costs control of the marketing, they only allow the website channel to sell their products. In marketing, they use social media to be the primary way to improve their influence. Tumblr and Instagram are the primary platforms. However, with the rise of mobile phone applications, more and more user prefer to purchase merchandise through a variety of social media applications directly. Therefore, a convenient and friendly mobile product is essential to them. It will play a significant role in promoting the dissemination of brand and sales.


By taking observation and research with the target users, I thought the user of Everlane could be divided into three groups, guests, general users, and fans. Compare to browse the website, and the mobile app more and more shows its advantages as lightweight and flexible. However, because lead user to download the application will spend more cost, so that I decided to set the target user as the loyal customers, who already have an understanding of the brand or already have the shopping experience before.




Annie is a financial journalist who is working in New York City. Her work always very busy and need a business trip frequently, so she didn't have much time to go shopping. On the other hand, due to the work dress code, the brand which he could choose are always limited to the traditional middle-class brand like J.Crew and Theory. However, Everlane gives her another choice. Everlane's style matched with Annie's career needs. Also, the price is lower than the specific traditional brands. Worth to mention that Everlane launched the service about 1 hour delivery in New York City. It much saves the time for business people who have an emergency case.



Daniel is a product manager employed for a technology company. He is hoping to leave a good impression with others at the business conference. However, Daniel didn't know how to dress up himself. Two years ago he was aware that Everlane on social media. The centralized style and the affordable price to attract him. Therefore, he became the loyal user of this brand and often to recommend to his co-workers.


Due to its product line only provides more than 200 pieces of items, so that the structure of its website is relatively straight-forward. In information architecture, pink represents the essential and more used pages. The green indicates that important secondary pages. The remaining gray pages represent pages that are not often used.

Through to extract and redesign the useful pages from the website, the following is mobile app information architecture. Due to application user are targeted at the fans' level. Therefore, I weakened introduction functions, for example, about us, factory introduction page. Because these pages are more focus on new customers to promote the company's value and product ideas.


After defining the page that will be presented in the application, to make whole wireframes could help me to understand the logic between the pages and the structure of each page.